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Mastering Automotive Electrical Principles

My favorite phrase that I coined is “Stay stupid, it’s easier.” Isn’t that the truth! While others are enjoying life, you’re home studying trying to master automotive electrical principles. That’s ok, because in the end Continue reading “Mastering Automotive Electrical Principles”

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Do Your Research Then Just Do It

Fear is the one thing that holds most everyone back from doing whatever it is they dream of doing. The fear of doing it wrong or not good enough. Do your research then just do it. The first problem is listening to all of the negative Continue reading “Do Your Research Then Just Do It”

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Matco Maxme Scan Tool Bi Directional

A look at the Matco Maxme Scan Tool.

What sets the Matco Maxme automotive scan tool apart from all the rest is the ability to purchase a single manufacturers usage license for a single month at a time. Not only that but at an affordable rate of $20 per manufacturer. Continue reading “Matco Maxme Scan Tool Bi Directional”

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Mac ET2020 Quick Scope Plus Oscilloscope

A look at the Mac ET2020 Quick Scope Plus Oscilloscope.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “oscilloscopes are outdated and no longer useful”. My response is usually “are you kidding me”. There is no better tool for seeing exactly what is going on at any given moment. Continue reading “Mac ET2020 Quick Scope Plus Oscilloscope”