About Me

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I have always had this need to tear things apart and put them back together to see how they work. I started repairing appliances when I was 12 years old as my family had an appliance dealership. A developing passion for repairing refrigerators emerged. It involves a lot of different troubleshooting skills from electrical, brazing, gases, epoxy etc. I still enjoy refrigeration to this day. The appliance industry later became all electronically controlled. If you wanted to stay competitive you had to learn about how electronics work. I then spent a great deal of time studying electronics and microwave oven repair. This led to learn how to fix CB radios and Ham Radios. I also have this passion for restoring automobiles, welding, painting, and metal fabrication. I currently work in the transportation industry repairing class A semi’s, diesel and CNG powered tractors loaded with electronics. I constantly have to be working on something, restoring something, or diagnosing something or I am lost. If this sounds like you, that is fantastic!! We have a lot in common and share the same desire to continue to learn and improve ourselves.

My goal is to take the complex and make it understandable. I will show you how to fix it with confidence. While I do not know everything, I have over 35 years of experience in various fields of repair and diagnostics. If it’s broken, together we can fix it. My focus is on electrical diagnostics. This is the one field that many are intimidated by. People fear the unknown. We have all been there and it can be extremely frustrating trying to trace electrical issues without the proper tools and understanding. It is my hope that you can gain the knowledge and build your confidence from the information within this site. You will find many techniques, tools to help troubleshoot, and  how to fix it videos within. Eventually you will have that “oh I get it ” moment!

You can be the “go to guy” when it comes to diagnosing electrical issues and you will be among a small but highly sought after group. Proper electrical diagnosis is not easy and it takes a great deal of patience and time and effort to learn, but the rewards are many.

Please come back often as this site will be updated regularly. Send me any comments or questions you might have and together we will Learn How To Fix It.