Tire Machines Changer Spin Balancer

Tire machines changer spin balancer. I liked the Dannmar Maxjax well enough that I searched out their Tire changer and the spin balancer. The T-100 Tire changer is a well made unit. Plenty of the necessary features anyone would need. It has the swing out adjustable arm with the option to purchase the third hand. The swing arm has an automatic 1/8″ gap set when you lock in the distance from the rim. The duck head is of quality material and it comes with several plastic rim protectors. The table is made of aluminum. It accepts up to a 22″ wheel. It is the rim clamp type. Inside or outside. The clamps come with rubber protectors. The bead breaker works excellent and is operated with the far right foot pedal. Comes with a tire removal tool, lube bucket and brush, tire inflation hose and gauge built into the housing. The table can rotate clockwise and counter clockwise with the use of the far left pedal. Push down for clockwise rotation and lift up on the same pedal for counterclockwise operation. The pedal on the left side of the cabinet allows high pressure jets of air through the locking jaws to seat the beads. Apply half the pedal and the air pressure gauge is now active. Tire machines changer spin balancer. The Dannmar tire changer is an excellent investment and has worked flawlessly. See video below and decide for yourself.

Tire machines changer spin balancer. The Dannmar B-100 spin balancer has proved to be an excellent investment as well. The spin balancer has many high end options installed. It has the automatic distance gauge. Comes with 4 different size cones for various rims, a wheel width caliper, wheel weight hammer and a quick release hub. The T-100 has a large protective hood that must be lowered for operation. There are dozens of different wheel weight option placements programmed into the software. You can program it to hide the wheel weights behind the spokes in the wheel if you choose! This works for automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. Another great product from Dannmar. Please see video below and decide for yourself.