MaxJax 2 Post Lift

MaxJax 2 Post Lift. Have you always wanted a car lift but thought it would never fit in your garage? Guess what? Dannmar makes a low ceiling 2 post car/truck lift called the MaxJax. The MaxJax will work in a garage with ceilings as low as 8 feet. If you have at least 8 feet then this will work for you. The other awesome feature is that it is completely portable. You can drill several hole locations in your minimum of 4″ concrete, and this will allow you to move the columns in or out in order to accept smaller or larger vehicles. The MaxJax also has wheels built into the columns so if you need room after using the lift, you can completely remove the lift from the work space and store them until needed again. The MaxJax Can lift up to 6,500lbs “EASILY”. It comes with (4) 3″ extenders for adding height and also for taller vehicles like a pick up truck. It takes about 40 seconds to completely lift a vehicle and lowering is as fast and controlled. The maximum lift is about 4 feet from the floor. This gives you plenty of space to do anything you need to do on an automobile. I could have purchased a full sized 2 post lift (for even less money) but I decided to go with the MaxJax because of it’s portability. There are no cables to wear or break. There are no obstructions along the floor which was a main reason for choosing the MaxJax. This can also be adapted to use on a motorcycle. Dannmar sells a motorcycle adapter kit that allows you to lift your motorcycle. The MaxJax by Dannmar is a quality built 2 post lift. If you have a garage, chances are this 2 post lift will work for you. Check it out! Please watch the video below and see for yourself. The Maxjax makes oil changes, brake jobs, tire changing, anything you need to do this will certainly make the job easier!