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Mastering Automotive Electrical Principles

My favorite phrase that I coined is “Stay stupid, it’s easier.” Isn’t that the truth! While others are enjoying life, you’re home studying trying to master automotive electrical principles. That’s ok, because in the end, you will be much farther ahead and hopefully you will be rewarded financially for your efforts. Believe it or not, very few technicians understand automotive electrical principles, and you will be the go to guy when an electrical issue arises. There are a lot of nuts and bolts mechanics out there but there are very few electrical diagnosticians. You could be one of the few and hopefully better compensated technicians out there. If you want to stay up on new technology, you must continually educate yourself. Yes it takes a lot of time and effort to learn and master automotive electrical principals that are ever changing and getting more complex by the day. If you want to succeed in todays technical environment, you had better understand automotive electrical principles. The use of the oscilloscope has never been more important as well as the understanding of voltage drop. Future articles within  Learn How To Fix It will go into depth instructing you on these necessary principles. There are many control modules installed in the automobile today. They include the ABS, PCM, ECU, VECU, Light Control, Audio, Body Control, just to name a few. Understanding of the CAN (controller area network) is also crucial. With all of these modules communicating with each other, one wiring issue between these can cause havoc within the whole system. So there are two paths you can take. You can take the more difficult path, but much more rewarding path, of continually educating yourself. Or you can take the easy path of just getting by and hopefully staying under the radar. The stay stupid, it’s easier path. Let’s take the more difficult path and together we will continue to educate ourselves for a more rewarding future.