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Do Your Research Then Just Do It

Fear is the one thing that holds most everyone back from doing whatever it is they dream of doing. The fear of doing it wrong or not good enough. Do your research then just do it. The first problem is listening to all of the negative responses about a particular topic. Have you ever noticed how many negative comments are made on a particular topic. Sure there may be good comments mixed in but the ones you remember most are the negative. This is what I am referring to. You cannot worry about the negative. Stay positive and focus on the task at hand. Let me give you a few examples. I was in the process of restoring a 1969 Camaro.

Pre Restoration 1969 Camaro

I stripped the interior and started over. I had to install a headliner with bows. I talked to several people and did some research on it. Everything I read and everyone I talked to were discouraging. The bottom line was that it was difficult and they all claimed it will never come out right. Now, if I listened to them I never would have attempted it and would have sent it out to be installed. Fortunately I am wired to not listen to what others think and I installed it Literally by myself. Yes it was difficult and stressful but I did it and it came out nice. The second example was the same as the first. I needed to install a vinyl top on the 1969 Camaro. I asked a bunch of people and read several comments. They were all the same. Don’t do it they said. Well, I don’t listen well, so after research I installed the vinyl top Literally by myself again. This was even more stressful and yes it was difficult. Once you sprayed the glue on and you laid the vinyl top down you are done. There are no second chances. But guess what, it again came out nice.

1969 Camaro
1969 Camaro Restored
Post Restoration 1969 Camaro

The point to all of this is to follow your dreams. Don’t let others decide the outcome for you. Just because they are afraid does not mean you have to be. Do your research and plan each step ahead of time. This will alleviate much of the fear. Once you are confident you understand how to do it, just do it. This applies to everything in life. Best of all you have the immense satisfaction of doing the project yourself. Just do it because you can do it. When you take your project out to the public, and they all want to know who did the beautiful work, you can proudly tell them you did!