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Matco Maxme Scan Tool Bi Directional

A look at the Matco Maxme Scan Tool.

What sets the Matco Maxme automotive scan tool apart from all the rest is the ability to purchase a single manufacturers usage license for a single month at a time. Not only that but at an affordable rate of $20 per manufacturer. So if you do not service Audi very often, you can purchase a one month subscription for only $20. Maybe you do not use your scan tool as often as others so you only need limited usage of any subscription. Why spend $600- $2000 for an annual subscription when you can purchase individual subscriptions on a monthly basis. For this reason alone this Matco Maxme bi-directional scan tool is a must. Yes I did say Bi-Directional. You can activate many devices through the scan tool for testing purposes. It also allows you to display up to 8 graphs simultaneously. The Matco Maxme also has the capability to program some ECU’s. It has a wireless OBD II dongle with a built in alarm so you don’t leave it in the customers port on accident. This wireless dongle allows easier test drives so no more wires interfering with driving. The Maxme has a demo mode so you can try all of the available menus. It also has a built in Wi-Fi that allows you to look up DTC’s on the internet directly from the Fault code screen. It has a built in camera and many more features. Please watch the video for a look at the Matco Maxme and many of it’s features.

Hopefully Matco will continue to offer the Maxme, with the ability to purchase single manufacturer monthly subscriptions, long into the future. This is a fantastic service they offer and no one else offers this at this time. They have developed quite a niche.

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